DARK GLASSES (Dario Argento, 2022)

FEATUREFILM– 2021– Color– Thriller– ITALY/FRANCE
Director: Dario ARGENTO

Screenplay: Dario ARGENTO & Franco FERRINI

Principal Photography: June/August2021

Italian Release: March 2022


Rome. A serial killer has killed three prostitutes, strangling them with cello ropes. The last rope of the "Cellist" is destined for Diana, a luxury escort who frequents the hotels of Via Veneto. One night,the maniac chases her driving a van, an drams her sending her crashing into another car. Diana awakens in a hospital, shrouded in darkness. The diagnosisis final: she lost her sight in the crash. Rita, a young woman from the Blinds’ Society, helps Diana with her first steps in the darkness and in her new life; in the meantime, the police investigates, although unsuccessfully.

But it won’t stop there. The Cellist must finish his work. Diana, helped by Chin, an orphaned Chinese boy, can only try to escape.

The cat and mouse game has just begun...

THE CROSS AND THE SVASTIKA (Georgio Treves, 2022)

Documentary – 2022– Color– Thriller– ITALY/FRANCE 

Director: Georgio Treves

Principal photography: October 2021 


The Cross and the Swastika is an investigation into a forgotten or little known history: the persecution and deportation of European Christian clerics by the Nazi regime, and the reasons behind it.

Giorgio Treves, author of The Cross and the Swastika, in his research journey, also crosses the doors of the most mysterious and important library in the world. The objective is to shed light on the many issues related to the persecution of Christians. Indeed, in parallel with the deportation of 6 million Jews, why did Hitler send Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox and Jehovah's Witnesses to camps?

Père Gérard Pierré, who survived from Dachau and tells his story in the film

L'ESTATE MUORE GIOVANE (Alessio Cremonini, 2022)

Film – 2022– Color– Thriller– ITALY/FRANCE 

Director: Alessio Cremonini


Summer 1980. In a small town in the Gargano area, three young boys share what will be the last season of their childhood. The long hot afternoons spent on the bench in the main square, the fights with bullies, the secrets and the races along the wild cliffs will soon be a distant memory. Primo tries to come to terms with the emptiness his father left by dying, taking care of his sister Viola. Damiano, as handsome as Paul Newman, is torn between the affection of his parents in perpetual dispute with each other, a beautiful mother and an overly jealous father. Mimmo, shy and reserved, is destined to become a priest, as his family has in fact decided. The three protagonists of the novel will make a blood pact with unpredictable consequences that will start an unstoppable series of events.


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